#4005 / Transformers Generations – War for Cybertron: Siege / Optimus Prime

Product Line / Transformers Generations – War for Cybertron: Siege
Scale & Class / Voyager Class Transformers Figure
Manufacturer / Hasbro & Takara Tomy
Release Date / 2019
Appearances / Transformers War for Cybertron: Siege

The War for Cybertron trilogy is Hasbro’s latest attempt in retelling the tried and tested Autobot versus Decepticon story plus some added twists and parallel universe hijinks. It also gave them yet another opportunity to release Transformers figures that are much, much closer to their Generation 1 appearances, even rivaling their Masterpiece versions. First in the trilogy is Siege which focuses on the final days of the war on Cybertron and its toll on everyone involved. It tells a gritty story, which conveniently translates to one gimmick of the line: figures getting a similarly gritty look with battle damaged paint. I’m not a huge fan of how these looked, especially given their, sometimes, sloppy application. So, I quickly got a bottle of paint thinner and removed as much as I could.

For the figure itself, it’s Optimus Prime, your standard red and blue truck cab with a more Cybertronnian aesthetic. In vehicle mode, there’s a good portion of parts in clear blue plastic, with matching sculpted tech and circuitry detail for that aesthetic. And while the set doesn’t include a trailer, it does have a hitch that you can use with any trailer from other toys. In robot mode, Optimus Prime is very impressive for a mainline release, and really looks like his Generation 1 counterpart plus the added Cybertronnian details. It’s also comparable to Masterpiece toys in terms of poseability, despite how blocky he looks. For accessories, Optimus Prime comes with his signature Ion Blaster and Dual-Mech Energon Strikeshield, the latter becoming the axe we’re more familiar with. Both weapons are part of the C.O.M.B.A.T. System, another gimmick introduced in the line allowing combination with other Micromaster and Battle Master figures.