4K Conversion Project is Complete!

It took me a week or so, but I finally replaced all images hosted on the site with 4K versions. This included the CATALOGUE Entries, One Shots galleries (and posts), and Features that mainly, well, featured figure reviews — which I think is only one at the moment. I guess not uploading as frequently as I wanted also helped, granted that’s still 30 CATALOGUE Entries, but still, it could be a lot more if I were less lazy about it, which is something I wanted to do this year.

Now that the site is future-proofed, unless we immediately make 8K as the gold standard for content, I’m really pumped to get the camera out and take photos. Which is something I need to balance between building kits and, you know, adulting. I’m targeting to at least take one One Shots or CATALOGUE Entry per week so that I can get more photos out there. Though I can imagine storage being an issue down the road, but let’s cross that bridge when we get there!


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