IU and the 4K Conversion Project

You’re probably wondering, what’s this blog, what I call as the “4K Conversion Project” and IU (the amazing Korean singer) have to do with each other to be mixed in a single sentence? Let me tell you the story.

Totally not to scale, with the M50 Mark II being a decent size smaller.

Last October, I finally decided to get a new primary camera after getting the most out of the pre-owned Canon 550D I’ve been using for the longest time. I got myself the Canon M50 Mark 2, which has all the bells and whistles of a modern mirrorless camera. I was fine with the 1080p Full HD photos for the CATALOGUE Entries and One Shots galleries, but eventually, I’ll probably have to produce high resolution images. Either at 2K Quad HD or at 4K Ultra HD. And so, I started to draft a workflow to convert my current image library to 4K.

But at the last minute, I decided not to go with the 4K conversion, as the effort needed was sort of a hassle. I even bargained with myself to just do 2K instead of 4K, which doesn’t make sense since I still needed to go through the same workflow. That said, I future proofed all the photos taken with the M50 Mark 2 and stored 4K versions in case I eventually need to export them as such. But I’m still producing 1080p images, including the recent One Shots and the HG G-Saviour [Space Mode] gallery. I was even planning to release another one earlier this week. And this is where IU comes in.

Isn’t she the prettiest?

To those who don’t know her (how dare you!), IU is a prolific Korean solo singer/artist. She doesn’t belong to any of the idol groups and she’s also a great actress. In other words, I’m a fan, but more of a casual one. The other day, I saw this post from her agency, EDAM Entertainment, from one of her recent appearances in an awards show. The page has numerous images, all in glorious 4K, so you can now see where IU fits in all the shenanigans.

So yes, I was inspired to go ahead with the conversion thanks to those photos. Then I spent a good chunk of the day, in between downtimes at work, to setup the exports and all, which isn’t really difficult. The challenge goes to replacing the existing photos on the pages. That’s what I’m planning to do for the next couple of days. So as a teaser, I made this composite photo using the native 4K source images. It’s not the best nor the sharpest, but this gives me some sort of future-proofing assurance.


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