These Kits Don’t Skip Panel Day! Work-in-Progress #2: HGUC ZZ Gundam

I know I just posted my first work-in-progress update for the HGUC ZZ Gundam double build I’m currently doing, but I wanted to provide updates on the actual double aspect of this build.

I also like how I don’t need to bust out my mirrorless camera to take work-in-progress shots and just use my smartphone with this angle.

For the kit fixed in mobile suit mode, the new additions include the forearm shield panels, and the side armor panels. Building these parts made me realize how there’s a lot of panels in this design, particularly on the shoulders and forearms. These mainly function as wings for the transformation into Core Top and Core Base.

Speaking of the Core Top and Core Base, you can see in the image above, albeit out of focus, that both are in various stages of completion. For the Core Top, I would just need to build the Double Beam Rifle which also acts as the cockpit section of the vehicle. For the Core Base, I would need to build both the large backpack unit and the Neo Core Fighter to finish it.

I’m hoping to finish this double build within the week, though now that the holiday break’s over, I’ll have less time to build, add to that some toy photography ideas I wanted to push though. We’ll see, but in any case, I like the progress on these builds.


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