Curiosity Pieces: Toys Raider’s “Live Battlefield” 1/12 Action Figures

It’s always incredible when smaller companies open solicitations for figures that look really cool and aren’t connected to any major IP. With the latter allowing them more freedom to go in any direction they want. Such is the case for Toys Raider and their new Live Battlefield line of 1/12 scale action figures.

I have no idea of the underlying story or fiction, if any, but these appear to be mass produced mechanical units, or Conqueror Mecha as they’re called, that fight for the “Enterprise Alliance” as seen in the solicitation images. As seen here, there are three types to be released, all share the same base body but with retools and obvious paint and color differences, at least for one of them.

First, we have Blue Stormtrooper which is like the standard model of the Conqueror Mechas. As the name suggests, it’s mostly in blue and silver armor, but check out those exposed mechanical details, especially on the torso areas. Add to that the dirty and weathered paint scheme and you got yourselves a machine that’s come back and forth from the battlefield. For weapons, it comes with a heavy machine gun, machine pistol, and machine blade.

Live Battlefield 1/12 Blue Stormtrooper
2nd Quarter 2022 / $110

Next up is the Bloody Repression, an odd choice of name given to a mostly blue machine, heck it’s even more blue than Blue Stormtrooper. It does have bits and pieces of red armor on its arms, so I guess those count. This is the heavy artillery, or as they call it, Conqueror Mecha Dominant Type and its weapons load out totally checks out. These include two shoulder-mounted missile launchers and two gatling guns.

Live Battlefield 1/12 Bloody Repression
2nd Quarter 2022 / $110

Finally, there is Red Thread, whose name once again doesn’t match its color scheme. I mean this thing is entirely yellow! Anyway, this is the Conqueror Mecha Sniper Type thanks to its double-barreled sniper rifle/machine gun, with the latter configuration done through detaching the barrels. It also has a rear-mounted antenna and a head unit with multiple sensors. It also comes with a soft goods cloak, which makes me think this guy is probably the commander unit given that it’s always alone in the solicitation images.

Live Battlefield 1/12 Red Thread
2nd Quarter 2022 / $110

If you want to get all three units, then Toys Raider has you covered with a three-pack that will cost thrice as much as a single figure. But it also comes with extra accessories, including a reconnaissance drone, a red machine pistol, and another machine blade.

Personally, I find these figures really interesting, not to mention I really like the weathered paint job applied to them. If I decide to get one, I’m hemming and hawing between the Blue Stormtrooper or the Bloody Repression, but we’ll see.


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