Maybe I Should Continue Watching The Series? MODEROID Kuromukuro

Last September, Good Smile Company revealed that they are producing a MODEROID kit for Kuromukuro, an anime from studio P.A. Works in celebration of its fifth anniversary. We were also shown a gray prototype, and assemblies to maximize articulation. And now, we are finally getting solicitations of this kit so let’s take a look.

It’s a very unique design that definitely warrants an equally unique kit, and the great people over at Good Smile Company have made sure of that. It has that samurai aesthetic as well thanks to the large shoulder armor and twin katanas. Once assembled, the kit stands at 15cm which is perfect for my collection.

With Kuromukuro being a sword-wielding machine, you can expect this kit to be very agile, and as they teased before, they made sure the engineering can accommodate dynamic poses. It comes with its two super vibrating blades as the main weapons, and both can be sheathed from their scabbards. Its cockpit block, also known as “The Cube”, is also removable and can be displayed on its own although it doesn’t transform.

MODEROID Kuromukuro
May 2022 / ¥6,100
Order from HobbyLink Japan


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