Bandai Hobby Next Phase 2021 Autumn: Entry Grade Nu Gundam

Let’s play catch up with a couple of days’ worth of announcements from Bandai Spirits’ Hobby Next Phase 2021 Autumn week. Kicking things off is the next Entry Grade kit following the yet-to-be-released (at least in mass retail) Entry Grade Strike Gundam.

We just got the amazing Real Grade Hi-Nu Gundam this year and Bandai Spirits decides to release yet another Nu Gundam as an Entry Grade kit. I was expecting something like the Gundam Mk-II but I guess the Nu Gundam sells more. Oh, and let’s not forget that 1/1 Nu Gundam they’re currently building which is totally getting its own kit as well. So, 2022 appears to have more Nu Gundam visibility than usual.

Like the RX-78-2 and Strike Gundams, the Nu Gundam has a relatively simple color scheme, which makes it a perfect candidate to be an Entry Grade kit. Though upon further inspection of the runner layout as seen here, you would need to bust out some paints to make it completely accurate. But it will also be perfect straight out of the box as an introductory kit to Gunpla for younger audiences.

The highlight of Entry Grade kits, regardless if they’re Gunpla or other properties, is their incredible color accuracy though perfectly laid our parts that would get all details with the smallest number of parts. And what makes Gunpla Entry Grades different from the others, like say from Kamen Rider or Dragon Ball Z is the articulation, which the other kits from other franchises don’t have. These, again, makes them perfect for beginner modelers.

But despite their best efforts, not every color would be accurate out of the box, and that include these markings on the shoulder and shield. That said, marking seals are included to complete the look of the Nu Gundam but those who want complete color accuracy may note that the green camera units on the upper left of the torso, and the missiles on the shield would need painting.

Speaking of accessories, it comes with its beam rifle and shield as seen above. But it also comes with a beam saber handle but, just like the earlier Entry Grades, it doesn’t have any beam effect parts. But you can always steal one from your other kits and that would be much better than a molded beam saber effect in white.

You will notice that it doesn’t include its signature Fin Funnels, which totally makes sense given the budget the kit works with. But to those who want to display this guy with Fin Funnels, you can also steal those from the HGUC Nu Gundam, as well as the New Hyper Bazooka. But don’t get the HGUC Nu Gundam if you’re just planning to give its weapons to the Entry Grade.

I admit not being the most excited with this announcement, but it makes total sense with the 1/1 Nu Gundam statue that will be completed by 2022. I just don’t want the same mobile suit getting different versions. And while I don’t collect grunt or enemy units, I think an Entry Grade Zaku would’ve been much better in my opinion.

Entry Grade 1/144 Nu Gundam
April 2022 / ¥1,000


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