Canon Status Anyone? “Gundam U.C. Engage” MS Reveal: “Engage Zero”

Bandai Namco Entertainment teased last week a new Gundam mobile game called Mobile Suit Gundam U.C. Engage, to which many were curious because of varying reasons. There’re the new mobile suits, the female protagonist, and the inclusion of Moon Gundam which further solidifies its place in U.C. canon. A week after, they had an online special to launch the mobile app, along with the game system and its story. Unfortunately, there’s no official English translation of the launch so I can only speculate based on context clues and Japanese Gundam Twitter.

I’m not really a gamer per se, so I don’t really understand the game system, but it’s what they call as a “Universal Century war simulator” where you get to play through a good chunk of the U.C. timeline accompanied by clips from existing work and new ones exclusive to the game — and this is where those Moon Gundam animated clips enter.

We’re also introduced to a new character who Google translates as “Peche Montagne”, a Newtype candidate from the Flanagan Institute, as well as a new Gundam retconned into the Gundam Development Project from Stardust Memory. This is the Engage Zero or if we’ll go by its technical model name, the Gundam Development Test Unit 0. The game’s official website explains it as an optional development plan for the Gundam GP00 “Blossom” because of the EFSF’s demand for more high-performance general purpose mobile suits. Not sure how it fits the canon visually, but I guess we should start looking at this one like how we do with GP00.

If you recall the teaser they revealed last week, there are two new Gundam units to appear on the game. So, we’re assuming the other one should also be revealed soon. Personally, I would want a High Grade of this design, which should be a good opportunity for Bandai Spirits to release ‘Revive’ versions of the Stardust Memory HGUC kits.


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