Let’s Say Go… in Color! HasLab “Transformers: Victory” Victory Saber Colored Renders

Earlier today, Hasbro held a livestream with the awesome voice actor Chris Sabat (Vegeta in Dragonball Z / Super) to go through the currently-running Victory Saber crowdfunding project along with some discussions on Japanese animation, including Transformers: Victory. They also took the opportunity to reveal how Victory Saber looks in full colored glory, both as individual components, their transformations, and the combined forms.

In fact, they’ve provided 360-degree spins of each to get a better idea of how the set would look.

The campaign is currently at 9,066 backers with 18 days remaining to reach the 11,000 target. They’ve also released a couple of stretch goals, including the V-Lock cannon at 14,000 backers and a display stand at 17,000. Fans also noticed how Star Saber’s shield is seen on top of the V-Star combined mode. This might be the third tier of unlockable bonuses? In any case, you can still back the campaign by heading on to Hasbro Pulse if you’re in the US/Canada or United Kingdom.

Transformers Victory Saber (Transformers: Victory)
Campaign ends October 11, 2021 / $179.99


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