1000toys Casual Drop! RE:EDIT 1/12 “Master Chief” MJOLNIR Mark VI [Gen 3]

I’m not sure if there have been previous teases of this figure, but it looks like 1000toys right there and then just dropped solicitations and opened pre-orders for the second RE:EDIT figure from the Halo franchise. The first one they released was the MJOLNIR Mark V from a variety of Halo games back in late 2019. Back then, I considered this figure to be some one shot. But I guess you can’t pass up on the Halo license as they are following up with the RE:EDIT “Master Chief” MJOLNIR Mark VI [Gen 3] from the newest entry in the franchise, Halo Infinite.

For those who liked the first figure, myself included, then you’d definitely want to get this one to build your Master Chief armory. The figure is made with a die cast inner frame for stability while the outer panels are made with ABS plastic for those sculpted details. Speaking of sculpting, this figure uses data from the in-game model for complete accuracy. Similar to the first release, this figure comes with weapons and accessories synonymous with Master Chief himself, including the MA40 Assault Rifle, CQS48 Bulldog and a Covenant Energy Sword, among several replacement hands.

I really felt this was a sneaky announcement and my wallet isn’t totally prepared, especially with that RIOBOT SRX coming in December. That said, I still want to get a copy since I already have the Mark V but I’ll have to check my finances. In any case, 1000toys has released this video to further showcase this high-end collectible.

RE:EDIT 1/12 “Master Chief” MJOLNIR Mark V [Gen 3]
October-November 2021 / $170.00
Order from HobbyLink Japan


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