Dual Builds Complete! HGCC Turn “A” Gundam ✕ HGBF Turn “A” Gundam Shin

Managed to finish this double build roughly a month after opening the bags of runners. The build itself was okay and there weren’t really that many hiccups along the way. Well, except for the slow progress thanks to my one hour/day build time. I’m also proud of how I actually was able to place paint on the tiny pilot figures on the (literal) cockpits. I was initially planning on just painting the clear yellow canopy with silver or something this is more satisfying. The only thing left is to finish the Turn “A” Gundam core fighter but these two are more or less complete.

Finally, you can also see the tease for my next dual build. To those following my dual/double builds, I’ve been doing them following the chronological release order of each series, mainly for the non-UC stuff. Hence, following Turn “A” Gundam is of course Gundam SEED/Destiny. This won’t be the first time I’m building the HGCE Freedom Gundam as I did one earlier as the Freedom Gundam Flame Feder.

Hey look, circa 2011 old watermark!

These also line up with the recent opening of the life-sized Freedom Gundam statue in China and how Gundam SEED is in Gundam discussion circles once again. I’m hoping to be able to allot more than one hour/day for these two but I’m not making any promises.


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