Box Art Extravaganza: June 2021 (and then some)

Bandai Spirits finally released the box arts for the rest of the kits released in June, following the HG Cybaster yesterday. That said, I would just like to nitpick whoever’s exporting these images from Photoshop. Please export them in higher quality JPEG! Compression artifacts and noise are all over the place on these images.

I’ve been skipping Real Grades recently, especially if there are equally good High Grade versions already available. Though I bought what I considered as more important releases, like the Crossbone and Nu Gundams. I didn’t buy the RG Force Impulse Gundam as much as everyone and their cat like it, and the same would most likely my sentiments for the upcoming RG Wing Gundam. I mean it looks good, but I feel the HGAC version would suffice for me. Not to mention that new and ‘more-accurate’ bird mode exclusive to this kit.

I also get the impression this kit stole the thunder from other Endless Waltz designs that were supposed to get Real Grades first.

RG 1/144 Wing Gundam
June 19, 2021 / ¥3,200
Order from HobbyLink Japan

I still don’t know whey they created this new Full Mechanics line when the intent is practically the same as the RE/100 line? I mean both lines are intended to provide kits that can be displayed together with Master Grades without the additional cost and complexities of assembly? Is this yet another case of RE/100 kits being UC-only while the rest would be Full Mechanics? Given that they’re putting the series the kit comes from above the logo, it might possibly be a catch-all line for 1/100 non-Master Grades, basically replacing those ungraded ones, or as many would like to call them, no-grades. I don’t know, I’m just rambling here and I don’t even intend to buy this guy.

Full Mechanics 1/100 Calamity Gundam
June 26, 2021 / ¥5,000
Order from HobbyLink Japan

I really need to get myself one of these Ultraman Suit kits, especially with the reveal of the Figure-rise Standard Ultraman Suit Zoffy. My hesitance to just purchase one is really on how I’m supposed to paint all those silver parts. Should I top coat them, should they be mirror-like chrome of something else entirely. I do have HG Great Mazinger (Infinitism) which also has a good chunk of silver parts to I could build that to see what silver finish I really want. In any case, I can see myself buying all these Ultraman Suit kits all at once, oh boy.

Figure-rise Standard 1/12 Ultraman Suit Tiga [Sky Type] -Action-
June 12, 2021 / ¥3,200
Order from HobbyLink Japan

Another set of kits I also need to catch up on, the Real Grades from Rebuild of Evangelion. Technically I just want EVA Unit-01 though the Mark 06 over here also looks interesting. If they do EVA 13 which appeared in the final film, then I’ll likely do a wave of getting these ones at the same time as well. If only I didn’t get myself sidetracked with the chogokin-esque Taekwon V and the not-NECA Ready Player One Mechagodzilla figures, then I would have the funds to get these. Oh well, they’ll have to wait.

RG Evangelion Mark 06
June 26, 2021 / ¥4,800
Order from HobbyLink Japan

And then some…

HG 1/48 Aestivalis
Order from HobbyLink Japan

HG 1/48 Zero G Battle Frame Aestivalis
Order from HobbyLink Japan

These two are totally old kits that aren’t getting June reissues. They were from the anime Martian Successor Nadesico and were first released back in 1997 and god knows when these were last reissued. I happen to stumble upon them when I checked HobbyLink Japan’s Summer 2021 Sale. Despite having the High Grade label, these are basically at the same quality as the old 08th MS Team HG kits released around the same time. Meaning huge seamlines all over the place, sub-par color separation, and mediocre articulation. Kotobukiya did release Nadesico kits around 2009 though you really can’t get those right now. Fortunately for these two, the paint apps needed aren’t that complicated, well except for the head units which are totally made from the same colored plastic pieces. Fortunately, they’re also quite cheap so getting these two shouldn’t hurt my wallet that much.


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