Dual Builds Are Back! HGCC Turn “A” Gundam ✕ HGBF Turn “A” Gundam Shin

Got a bit slow and took me five days to finish the Entry Grade RX-78-2 Gundam. Yep, five days, for an Entry Grade. But then again, I was only working on it for an hour or two a day at most. What’s better is that finally got me back into building kits, and I am doing the two I initially intended after completing the HG G-Saviour.

We’re now doing the mustaches, well, one of them at least. Yes, those would be the HGCC ∀ Gundam and HGBF ∀ Gundam Shin. While opinions on the design have already changed through the years, I consider myself one of those who appreciated it back in 1999. On the other hand, ∀ Gundam Shin was supposedly based on the Hajime Katoki redesign that replaces the mustache with a traditional Gundam faceplate (sans vents) with side fins.

To start things, I went ahead and painted what I consider problem areas of the kit. These would be the open hatch replacement torso parts for ∀ Gundam, and basically most of the torso for ∀ Gundam Shin. Oh, and let’s not forget the tiny cockpit details with tiny model pilot figures. I tried giving both the same colors as Loran’s final pilot suit and I think they turned out ok, especially for details hidden under a clear yellow piece.

In any case, I’m hoping to finish both kits within May, but I’m not making promises. I mean it took me one week to build an Entry Grade.


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