Sneak Peek Straight from Korea: HG Cybaster

If you’re one of those people who can’t wait for your Super Robot Wars OG fix with Sen-Ti-Nel’s RIOBOT SRX, then Bandai Spirits has you covered by June as they release the HG Cybaster. This will be the first, in hopefully many, HG kits from the aforementioned game franchise. And with just one month before the release, the official YouTube channel of Bandai Namco Korea dropped a quick preview of the kit and shows stuff that you need to take note before getting one.

Despite being a High Grade, Cybaster is definitely larger than your standard HG Gunpla, and the use of that bluish-silver plastic really makes this kit pop. Now the first thing I immediately looked in this preview is the amount of color-correcting seals you need to apply, outside the typical ones like the optics. For Cybaster, those eye-like black and yellow markings on the collar areas are seals. The green gems on its sword, and those on the two High Familiar units are also seals. The claw parts on the feet are hollow as well, so if you’re not a fan of those, then bring out those packs of putty.

The other thing I looked for is how its transformation to Cybird is done. Fortunately, it’s quite simple and the opposite of most Gundam transformations. Instead of the mobile suit lying on its front, Cybaster just lies on its back, folds its arms, and stretches its legs. The tail-like stabilizer in robot mode then swings forward to become the head in Cybird mode. I’m definitely relieved I won’t need to get two copies of this kit. Lastly, the silver used in the sword looks really nice, not sure if that’s just the bare plastic or some coating is applied.

This is a good sign of things to come once they release more kits. Though I still doubt they’ll go deep as what Kotobukiya did in their S.R.G-S line.

HG Cybaster
June 2021 / ¥4,000
Pre-order via HobbyLink Japan


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