They’re Shattering Glasses Again: Transformers Shattered Glass Collection Megatron

If you’ve been a Transformers collector more more than 10 years, then you must be familiar with BotCon, the official Transformers convention back in the day. In 2008, the convention-exclusive figures came from a storyline called Shattered Glass which depicted the Decepticons as the good guys and Autobots as the bad guys. It’s basically the Transformers equivalent of the Mirror Universe from Star Trek but with different repaints instead of sleeveless uniforms and mustaches. And after a decade, it Hasbro has brought it back out of the convention floor with the Transformers Shattered Glass Collection.

The Shattered Glass Collection appears to be a limited line tied in to the 5-issue IDW miniseries of the same name. Megatron is actually the second in the line, the first being Blurr, the evil Autobot bounty hunter.

This version of the righteous Decepticon commander is a retool of the Voyager class War for Cybertron: Siege mold and is based on the design of the original BotCon 2008 convention-exclusive figure (which was then a retool of the Energon Megatron mold). Megatron’s transformation is also modified to match the Cybertronian spaceship mode of the original, possibly through the use of newly included parts and accessories.

Speaking of accessories, Megatron comes with his signature fusion cannon, a sword, shield, and a pair of detachable Energon wings for use in robot mode. The set also includes an exclusive cover variant of the second issue in IDW’s 5-issue Shattered Glass miniseries.

Lastly, everything comes packaged in a special Shattered Glass-styled box.

While I don’t really buy Megatron figures, this one is particularly interesting. It also doesn’t help that the Shattered Glass version of Optimus Prime would likely be just a purple and black repaint. Let’s see once it’s revealed. Transformers Shattered Glass Collection Megatron is now up for pre-order on Hasbro Pulse.

Transformers Shattered Glass Collection Megatron
October 2021 / $36.99


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