This Aura Battler is in Demand! HG Sirbine

Similar to what they’ll do with the upcoming HG L-Gaim Mk-II, Bandai Spirits is giving a new High Grade kit treatment to Sirbine and is supposed to fit in with the old HG Aura Battler kits from the year 2000. In contrast to the PLAMAX version, this kit is primarily based on its appearance on the OVA.

I’m not the most versed when it comes to Dunbine designs, though I have three Robot Spirits figures to use for comparison, and this Sirbine has one main difference with the figure I have. For some reason, the High Grade decided to ditch the clear plastic for the canopy, which is present in the old 2000 HG kits. It instead goes with this solid piece that’s colored a little different with the rest of the armor. Otherwise, the design is more or less the same.

Much like any modern High Grade, Sirbine has all the engineering that allows for a great range of articulation, despite the armor design that can clash with other pieces. And of course, no Aura Battler kit is complete without the inclusion of clear parts for those insect-like wings.

Like most Dunbine designs, Sirbine has an inward-bending forearm but this one also includes an additional swivel joint to give it a more natural forward arm bend. They also note that the gold ornamental parts of the design come as separate plastic pieces. I’m not sure which gold they’ll use for this but being separate pieces should make painting them much easier.

As Sirbine is meant to fit with the old HG Aura Battler kits, it only makes sense for Bandai Spirits to reissue these old kits. But unlike those from the HG Heavy Metal kits to be reissued, these ones will be exactly the same as their original releases, albeit updated packaging with the blue Bandai Spirits logo. This means that these will have dated engineering and articulation compared to the totally new HG Sirbine kit. This is the primary reason I decided to stick with my Robot Spirits figures, mainly for consistency. But if you prefer building kits, then this kit is for you.

HG 1/72 Sirbine
August 2021 / ¥3,800


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