This Aura Battler is in Demand! PLAMAX Sirbine

There seems to be a resurgence of 80s mecha anime properties. Patlabor is getting great plastic model kit coverage thanks to Good Smile Company’s MODEROID line. This time, Aura Battler Dunbine is getting some love with a couple of new kits, and a reissue of old ones. This particular Aura Battler is even getting two new kits but of different design interpretations.

I am talking about Sirbine, the main hero machine from the OVA New Story of Aura Battler Dunbine. Max Factory is doing a new kit not based on the animation design but on what they refer to as a legendary garage kit, the MAX Sirbine. It was an old 90s soft vinyl garage kit made by Max Factory so it’s no surprise they decided to release a modern kit of this design. I’ve included a French video review of the kit from Chez Yvan WEST LAURENCE over at YouTube to see where this design came from.

Now do take note that while this is a plastic kit, you would still need some modeling tools and adhesives for assembly. I’m also not sure whether this guy is articulated after assembly but it does look amazing on display.

This kit is has amazing surface detail with those organic-looking joint assemblies and those ornamented armor panels, not to mention that flat silver. It is a non-scale kit though it will stand at around 150 mm. So for those who are fans of the design but missed the old soft vinyl kit, then this one is for you. But if you want a more standard model kit that has articulation and gimmicks, then Bandai Spirits has you covered.

PLAMAX Sirbine
May 2021 / ¥4,800


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