New Trailer Drops: January 2021

This won’t be a recurring thing on this blog though it is a perfect opportunity to highlight a couple of mecha-related trailers that recently drop, at least those that I’m aware of. I’m really excited for one of them while the other… I’m very cautiously optimistic.

First is a new 1-minute trailer for Mobile Suit Gundam Hathaway which, hopefully, is still slated for a Japanese theatrical release on May 7, 2021. While no plans for international screenings have been revealed, because of obvious reasons, I’m still getting more excited when trailers like this one drops. The trailer contains new scenes of mostly dialog though the highlight goes to the Messer Type F01, operated by the anti-Earth Federation organization Mafty. We’re also yet to see the Xi Gundam in action, and I bet they’re saving it for last.

The other trailer, and the one I’m very cautiously optimistic about, is of Voltes V Legacy, a live-action adaptation of the classic Voltes V produced by Philippine television network GMA. Outside of a single teaser released around the same time last year, there hasn’t been much news about it. They’re also not rushing the production to really emphasize on quality story telling, global pandemic notwithstanding. And that seems to be what this trailer is about because as much as I’m skeptic of this whole adaptation, the visuals look very promising. We got a better look of Voltes V itself and it appears to have similar aesthetic as those “Infinitism” redesigns we’ve been seeing lately. I just hope they’ll stick with the story and not inject some cheesy soap opera shenanigans. Voltes V Legacy has no premiere date yet as of this post.


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