Holiday Premium Bandai: HGUC Gundam Mk-III

It’s currently Christmas Eve as of the time of this post so Bandai Spirits was kind enough to announce two more kits I’m sure many are looking to forward to buy. Except that both are Premium Bandai releases, but you know by now how to deal with that. So here we go!

Continuing the practice of releasing the derivatives first before the originals, Bandai Spirits has opened solicitations for the HGUC Gundam Mk-III which was, until this point, the non-existent base Gunpla for the Gundam Tertium / Seltsam from Gundam Build Divers Re:RISE.

To those unfamiliar, the Gundam Mk-III hails from the Z Gundam MSV and was supposed to be the next generation mobile suit of the A.E.U.G. following the Gundam Mk-II. Personally I find this design to be less of a Gundam Mk-II evolution and more of a Zeta Gundam variant. But in any case, I’m glad that we’re finally getting a kit of this design in 1/144 scale.

As this is technically based on the Gundam Seltsam mold, any issues that kit has might be carried over to this one, unless some retooling is done along the included new parts. Most of these issues pertain to loose or weak joint assemblies. Nothing a good coat of paint or top coat can’t fix.

The Gundam Mk-III also has an impressive load out of weapons, including standard issue beam sabers and beam effects, a new shield mold with attachable energy packs, and ZZ Gundam-esque beam cannons that can double as larger beam sabers, along with their own set of effect parts.Both left and right weapon-holding manipulators are also included, something you don’t commonly see in kits.

I really appreciate that we’ve been getting a lot of kits from side stories and variation series recently, albeit most of them being online exclusives. I should also speed up on building kits of these will just keep piling up on my backlog.

HGUC 1/144 Gundam Mk-III
April 2021 / ¥2,200


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