Look Ma, Still no Hands! Work-in-Progress #2: HGBF Build/Try Burning Gundam

Look Ma, Still no Hands! Work-in-Progress #2: HGBF Build/Try Burning Gundam

With everyone stuck at home thanks to the ongoing pandemic, most are resorting to new activities and hobbies while waiting for things to settle down outside. As for me, it’s essentially business-as-usual for my Gunpla backlog as the builds continue. I’m more or less done with the Build/Try Burning Gundams, all that remain are the hands. That said, each kit has like a minimum of three pairs, each needing black paint for those knuckle pieces. Not exactly the hardest thing to do but easily the easiest thing to procrastinate.

In any case, I’m targeting to get those hands painted within the week, and finish both kits altogether. As for my next builds, I still haven’t decided, not to mention I’m running low on gray paint and it doesn’t look like I can buy new supplies any time soon. Let’s see!


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