One Shots / “Unexpected Assistance”

In an alternate reality where neither Great Mazinger nor Tetsuya Tsurugi exists, an unknown yet familiar robot comes to aid the damaged Mazinger Z. The unidentified robot, albeit the janky design, introduces itself as Taekwon V, built secretly from the neighboring country of Korea and uses technology compatible with Mazinger Z. TRU Metal / Taekwon … Continue reading One Shots / “Unexpected Assistance”

I haven’t built any kits since 2021 started

Yes, we are two months into 2021 and I haven't built any kits since the year started, not even the Entry Grade RX-78-2 Gundam. I did have plans to continue the double and dual builds that I started in 2020 and I still have intentions to continue them in some way. But at the moment, … Continue reading I haven’t built any kits since 2021 started

#3002 / Super Robot Chogokin / Mazinger Z

For the almost 10 years that I have this blog up and running, including the great reset of 2018, I have apparently never featured a single Mazinger Z figure either as a CATALOGUE Entry or even as a featured review. That's kind of a shame given Mazinger Z is a mecha classic. And so, in … Continue reading #3002 / Super Robot Chogokin / Mazinger Z