One Shots / “Unexpected Assistance”

In an alternate reality where neither Great Mazinger nor Tetsuya Tsurugi exists, an unknown yet familiar robot comes to aid the damaged Mazinger Z. The unidentified robot, albeit the janky design, introduces itself as Taekwon V, built secretly from the neighboring country of Korea and uses technology compatible with Mazinger Z. TRU Metal / Taekwon … Continue reading One Shots / “Unexpected Assistance”

#3007 / TRU Metal / Taekwon V

As of this post, Super Robot Wars 30 was formally announced yesterday, so I wanted to have a super robot for the next CATALOGUE Entry. Though this one isn't appearing in any game any time soon. Because this is TRU Metal Taekwon V, a Korean super robot initially created as a Mazinger Z knockoff but … Continue reading #3007 / TRU Metal / Taekwon V

Taekwon V: Not Just a Korean Mazinger Z Knockoff

Well, technically it still is. But there's more to it than your average low budget knockoff. Thanks to the pandemic, most of us were stuck at home and are doing everything to keep our sanities in check. For me, it's basically skipping anything local and consuming more Korean content or media. I said 'more' because … Continue reading Taekwon V: Not Just a Korean Mazinger Z Knockoff