One More Machine, One Gargantuan Combiner, Three More Galleries: RIOBOT SRX Photoshoots

It’s been a couple of weeks since I got my hands on the Sen-Ti-Nel RIOBOT SRX and I planned to immediately do photoshoots of the individual machines and the SRX itself, basically jumping ahead of everything in the photobooth queue. And this is the progress so far in that endeavor.

CATALOGUE Entries for the R-1, R-2, and R-2 Powered are already uploaded on the site but I’ve yet to schedule when they’ll be available for viewing, probably after everything’s finished. This process has also given me enough insight into the figures and their issues. Because yes, these figures look great but are definitely not perfect. It also doesn’t help that I have to shoot both the R-2 Powered and R-3 Powered twice as I also need to account their base units.

As for the SRX itself, well, I haven’t even attempted at combining these three. And with the nuances I’ve encountered with the two I’ve handled so far; I can imagine that this isn’t going to be a smooth process. But regardless, I am committing to finishing these as soon as possible, with the R-3 photoshoot next.


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