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BLOG: Super Minipla "Shin (Change!!) Getter Robo" Vol. 2

Super Minipla "Shin (Change!!) Getter Robo" Vol. 2 With the first Super Minipla Shin (Change!!) Getter Robo set being released this month, Bandai Candy has announced the contents for the Vol. 2, which includes the titular Shin Getter 1.

Also included in the 3 pcs. package are Black Getter and Getter Dragon, all of which are in scale with the releases in the preceding sets. Not really sure how the articulation or color accuracy would be with these figures — which would be known once Vol. 1 comes out this month.

Another point of interest is whether these would be a good replacement for the Revoltech Getter Robos which are technically the most complete as far as variety goes.

  • Super Minipla Shin (Change!!) Getter Robo
    Vol. 2

    Release Information: Jan. 2019 · ¥6,450
    Images via Bandai Candy

BLOG: Wonder Festival Winter 2017 – RIOBOT

Wonder Festival Winter 2017 - RIOBOT For the most part, Sen-Ti-Nel’s RIOBOT line has been geared towards the more ‘super robot’ end of the mecha genre spectrum with upcoming releases like Mazinkaiser so it’s good to know that they haven’t gone totally away with ‘real robots’ whenever they make announcements like these.

Similar to Max Factory, Sen-Ti-Nel is also doing their own take on a fully transformable 1/12 scale VR-052T M.O.S.P.E.A.D.A.. And knowing Sen-Ti-Nel, this will probably have more complicated engineering between the two.

Between this and the Figma, it is expected that the RIOBOT figure would be more expensive and will have a more premium feel. But given how Figma prices shoot up for these kinds of releases, it’s still early to tell which will be more affordable.

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BLOG: Dynamic Change Shin Getter Robo

Dynamic Change Shin Getter Robo As everyone knows, Getter Robo and its transformation from three vehicles to three varying robot forms is all but anime magic. And while Studio Halfeye did perfect transformation Getter Robo sets, it would cost a leg at best.

So in 2013, Good Smile Company released Dynamic Change Getter Robo — a palm-sized Getter Robo set that perfectly transforms! Unfortunately it, along with Dynamic Change Getter Robo G, completely went past this collector.

Two years later, the line returns with Dynamic Change Shin Getter Robo. Just a question though. Are these supposed to be SD figures or not?

  • Dynamic Change Shin Getter Robo
    Release Information: Aug. 2015 · ¥10,000
    Image via Good Smile Company

BLOG: E2046 – "Ancient Getter with Spiky Sword"

E2046 - "Ancient Getter with Spiky Sword" The thing about resin and garage kits is that they don’t have to stick to the design of the license and can pretty much go anywhere. Take this piece as example.

Aptly named as "Ancient Getter with Spiky Sword" (sounds funny but straight to the point), this fixed-pose kit is definitely from the Getter Robo franchise, but doesn’t exactly represent a specific machine. From the sculpt and silhouette, it takes several design cues from Shin Getter Robo, as well as Getter Arc with those spikes at the rear.

Minor assembly is needed for this pre-painted display piece, and also includes the display base as seen.

  • Ancient Getter with Spiky Sword
    Release Information: January 2014 · $209.99
    Pre-order via E2046

BLOG: Sen-Ti-Nel x T-REX Getter 1

Sen-Ti-Nel x T-REX Getter 1 The Sen-Ti-Nel x T-REX collaboration continues, and a month before they release that huge Giant Gorg figure, they’ll go to familiar territory with a release from the more popular Shin Getter Robo.

Appearing in the aforementioned fiction is a more modern version of the classic Getter Robo design which is a perfect basis for this upcoming figure.

The figure will be made with a hefty amount of die cast mixed with plastic components. It will stand at 15.5cm tall and includes accessories such as replacement head/manipulator units, a cloth cloak, and its signature weapon — the Getter Tomahawk.