Box Art Extravaganza: April 2020

Everything is essentially at a pause right now because of what's happening around the world lately. But staying at home is indeed a perfect opportunity to build more kits. Fortunately, Bandai Spirits is still releasing them and so, here are some packaging art for kits this month. I think it's been more or less a … Continue reading Box Art Extravaganza: April 2020

Next Phase Gunpla: Road to 2020

2020 is the Gunpla 40th Anniversary, so in sort of a preview of the stuff to come, The Gundam Base Tokyo once again opened their Next Phase Gunpla exhibit and on there were a lot of kits I personally didn't expect. What's more, all of these have planned release dates! Here's a quick video from … Continue reading Next Phase Gunpla: Road to 2020

HGCE Destiny Gundam: Details and Features

Here's something that would make you feel old. 2019 marks the 15th broadcast anniversary of Mobile Suit Gundam SEED DESTINY and all the hate that it has received ever since. Fan opinions on the writing aside, the Destiny Gundam is one of those designs that you'll probably hate at first as well but would ultimately … Continue reading HGCE Destiny Gundam: Details and Features

Double Your Destiny

Fans of the Destiny Gundam would be in for a treat this May 2019 as Bandai Spirits is releasing the mobile suit as a High Grade Cosmic Era kit and a Metal Robot Spirits figure. First announced was the Metal Robot Spirits Destiny Gundam which follows the releases of both the Strike Freedom Gundam and … Continue reading Double Your Destiny