Box Art Extravaganza: October 2021

We're now into October and as I've previously mentioned, we are looking at multiple mecha series this season, many of which are getting kits their gorgeous packaging art. First is the HG Kenbu or MAILeS Kenbu as written in the lower thirds, and it's the main protagonist machine from the new series Kyoukai Senki or … Continue reading Box Art Extravaganza: October 2021

“Kyoukai Senki”: Episode 1 Preview and More Kits Revealed

Sunrise Beyond and Bandai Spirits decided to drop what I think is the first half of the premiere episode for Kyoukai Senki, their upcoming mecha anime slated to premiere this October. If you want to find more on the story, you can head to the post I made around March. The clip doesn't have any … Continue reading “Kyoukai Senki”: Episode 1 Preview and More Kits Revealed