Box Art Extravaganza: January 2023

Years may change, but our tendencies to spend our time and resources on plastic model kits never change, well I mean it can, but you get the idea. Boxes! Okay, I don't know if Good Smile Company just gave online retailers limited allocations of MODEROID White Lily over here, but I've had difficulties in securing … Continue reading Box Art Extravaganza: January 2023

Arhan Finally Gets One! #SmileFest 2022 Tokyo: MODEROID Arhan

I'm not really sure how many on-display shows Good Smile Company have in a year, but they had another one last weekend, aptly named Smile Fest 2022 Tokyo where they featured a whole ton of new and upcoming items. And while their Good Mecha Smile brand already had a lot of reveals earlier this year … Continue reading Arhan Finally Gets One! #SmileFest 2022 Tokyo: MODEROID Arhan