Shizuoka Hobby Show 2023: “Gundam Build Metaverse” is basically Gundam Build All Stars

With Shizuoka Hobby Show 2023 happening this weekend, Bandai Spirits has started their reveals with upcoming Gunpla from the Gundam Build 10th Anniversary project Gundam Build Metaverse. They also provided a new promo video, which is essentially the same as the previous, but just longer.

Going to the Gunpla, we see a lot of familiar designs, as most are new upgraded versions of the main protagonist Gunpla from the previous Gundam Build series. There’s one that stands out though, and it’s the main protagonist for Gundam Build Metaverse. Introducing the Entry Grade Lah Gundam.

Entry Grade Lah Gundam

The Lah Gundam is what I initially thought of as a new Strike Gundam variation from the first teaser. I also have zero idea why they decided with that name, especially with ‘lah’ being a slang in the regions of Singapore and Malaysia. I’m also not that surprised that they’re going with the Entry Grade route given how good the RX-78-2 Gundam was, except for some of the joints getting loose over time.

It’s also a design that should leverage the smart parts layering that the Entry Grade kits are known for, allowing for much color accuracy while using fewer parts than their High Grade counterparts. Its weapons include a shield, beam rifle, and a beam spear or naginata.

Entry Grade 1/144 Lah Gundam
October 2023 / ¥1,000

Entry Grade Build Strike Exceed Galaxy

Going back to Gundam Build Fighters, we have the next evolution of Sei Iori’s Gunpla. We last saw the Build Strike Galaxy Cosmos in Gundam Build Fighters: Battlogue and now we have the Build Strike Exceed Galaxy, which is also an Entry Grade kit based on the Strike Gundam. Being Entry Grade kits, these would lean towards a much simpler design, especially when compared to the Build Strike Galaxy Cosmos and its convoluted, yet bland backpack.

Speaking of backpacks, the Build Strike Exceed Galay still has one. albeit a lot simpler, which I hope also gets the great parts separation as the rest of the mobile suit. And I don’t think I would be wrong in saying that this Entry Grade kit probably has the highest number of clear parts.

Entry Grade 1/144 Build Strike Exceed Galaxy
October 2023 / ¥1,100

HG Shin Burning Gundam

We are finally getting into High Grades, and the next Gundam Build series to cover, Gundam Build Fighters Try, has representation with the HG Shin Burning Gundam, which is a better name than putting your own as with the Kamiki Burning Gundam. The design itself is a slight retool of the original, with the right shoulder armor changed to be the same as the left, complete with that spot for the Kanji. It also got new front hip armor parts and wing binders.

And keeping with the G Gundam parallels, the wing binders can swing to the front and deploy a beam cloak similar to the armored cloak used by the Master Gundam. The way it covers the front is actually more akin to how Wing Zero EW’s binders work, but you get the idea.

HG 1/144 Shin Burning Gundam
November 2023 / ¥2,400

HG Gundam 00 Diver Arc

Here’s something a little different, well in the context of the other units they’ve revealed. Representing Gundam Build Divers is Riku Mikami’s latest machine? The last time we saw him in Gundam Build Divers Re:RISE, he was using Gundam 00 Sky Moebius. I guess, he went on a nostalgic trip or something and decided to bring back the Gundam 00 Diver with the HG Gundam 00 Diver Arc. If you recall, the Gundam 00 Diver Ace was almost destroyed so Riku upgraded it to the Gundam 00 Sky while keeping that scarred part on the chest.

I’m inclined to think this is a new machine because of that.

Its main gimmick is the effect parts that attach to the shoulder binders when deployed. They remind me of the C-Funnels from Gundam AGE-FX though I don’t think these ones act as remote weapons. It might also have a mega particle cannon on the torso like the Strike Freedom Gundam.

HG 1/144 Gundam 00 Diver Arc
December 2023 / ¥2,500

HG Gundam Plutine

Finally, from Gundm Build Divers Re:RISE, and what’s arguably the edgiest Gundam in the reveals here, is the HG Gundam Plutine. This would be Hiroto’s latest unit in his PLANETS System, despite Pluto being not technically a planet… anyway! It uses the Core Gundam II as its base, and the darker colors are explained as the use of eco plastic. Probably in the same vein as how Ecopla kits are mostly black.

We don’t get a view of how this supposed recolor of the Core Gundam II looks, nor the Pluto Armor itself. But that’s a lot of things hanging on the shoulders of this guy, and I can’t picture their intended purpose based on these photos. At least this is a good reason for me to catch up on the HG Uraven Gundam.

HG 1/144 Plutine Gundam
December 2023 / ¥2,300

The actual Shizuoka Hobby Show is yet to start so I’m hoping we get more Gunpla announcements outside of these Gundam Build Metaverse kits. But until then, there’s a good chance that I might get most of these, especially with two of them being Entry Grade kits.


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