Possible First Look at #Transformers Studio Series #RiseoftheBeasts Optimus Prime

I know many Transformers news sites and internet personalities have already caught on this and made reactions and all the visual analysis they could. But I just wanted to dish out some unsolicited thoughts, with the context that I’ve yet to receive my mainline Rise of the Beasts Optimus Prime figure so any comparison I might make are just based on the opinions of others and should be taken with many grains of salt.

I also know that a lot of upcoming figures have been unintentionally revealed via leaks straight from factories or store computers. So, it’s refreshing when we actually get intended reveals via official channels like this one. Shanghai Expo 2023 is happening at the moment and Hasbro has set up a booth where we might possibly have our first look at Transformers Studio Series Rise of the Beasts Optimus Prime.

Let me preface my unsolicited thoughts by inserting a profile view of Transformers Studio Series Bumblebee Optimus Prime, pulled straight from its gallery (Gallery: #4002 / Transformers Studio Series / Optimus Prime (Bumblebee)) for context.

Rise of the Beasts Optimus Prime is supposedly an extensive retool of the Studio Series Bumblebee version, which totally makes sense given its place in the continuity. While the mainline figure is considered by many as a good release, you can’t help but notice the lack of paint on that guy, especially on the intricately detailed parts on the torso and the legs.

The mid-torso details appear to have both unpainted plastic at the center and gunmetal on the left and right sides. The legs also have more paint when compared to the Bumblebee version, and even more to the Rise of the Beasts mainline Voyager. Surprisingly, the visor parts on the Rise of the Beasts version are just a silver repaint whereas the mainline ones are separate gray parts.

For weapons, the newer Optimus Prime figure doesn’t come with his trusty Ion Blaster but instead has his left arm transform into the blaster you see in the trailers. I’m not sure if this is via transformation or replacement parts though. He also appears to have a sword that’s reminiscent of the ones he uses in the first live action trilogy. The sword also has a peg that could be attached to the forearms for that deployed blade look.

With Transformers: Rise of the Beasts less than a month away, I’m fairly sure Hasbro will be doing an official reveal of this figure in one of their upcoming fanstreams. They also mentioned that Optimus Prime is going to be released under the Buzzworthy Bumblebee banner for some reason.



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