Classic Primal Face Confirmed! Yolopark AMK Series #RiseoftheBeasts Optimus Primal

Despite seeing several trailers and TV spots for Transformers: Rise of the Beasts, I’ve still yet to get a truly clear grasp of Optimus Primal’s design thanks to its monotonous colors. With the mainline Rise of the Beasts toyline now on store shelves, we also got a better look of Primal’s design. But it was not until Yolopark released promotional images of their upcoming AMK Series Optimus Primal that we finally got confirmation about an aspect of its design.

For starters, these profile shots provide us a much-detailed view of the design, beyond anything the mainline Voyager class figure can deliver. I’m inclined to think that Optimus Primal doesn’t really transform but rather just has all those fur panels open up to reveal the mechanical details inside. And again, I would’ve appreciated some more color variation, but seeing these provides a better appreciation of what they’re trying to do.

It is when you get this close that you really appreciate the intricate detail on this kit. While non-scale, AMK Series Optimus Primal stands at 20cm, which means you have plenty of room, and parts for such details. Now I can’t say the same regarding its range of articulation, but a very humanoid design like Optimus Primal shouldn’t have issues doing melee poses.

Lastly, let’s get into that blog post title.

Because this model kit comes with an alternate head, or faceplate that gives Optimus Primal that classic mouthplate-with-a-mouth look from Beast Wars. Fortunately, it’s not as conspicuous as the original with the mouth also in silver.



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