#4002 / Transformers Studio Series // Optimus Prime (Transformers: Bumblebee)

I personally think it's a great move on Hasbro's part when they launched the Transformers Studio Series line of consolidated live action movie figures. Not only did older designs get new versions, but newer ones immediately have better ones. Such is the case for the second Transformers entry in The CATALOGUE, the well-received version of … Continue reading #4002 / Transformers Studio Series // Optimus Prime (Transformers: Bumblebee)

Consistency and Creativity: Welcome 2020!

First and foremost, cheers as we welcome the new decade and of course, the new year! Personally speaking, while 2019 is all about "refresh and renewal" for the hobby, the year isn't the best I've had recently. There were a lot of heavy hitters and challenges, but we still managed to pull through and end … Continue reading Consistency and Creativity: Welcome 2020!

#NYCC 2019: Transformers Cyberverse Reveals

New York Comic Con 2019 is going full swing this weekend so expect various sorts of reveals from the all the franchises you've been following. Hasbro started it early a couple of days ago with the initial figures from War for Cybertron: Earthrise. This time, they are revealing the next wave in the Transformers Cyberverse … Continue reading #NYCC 2019: Transformers Cyberverse Reveals

All OPTIMUS PRIME Announcements and Reveals!

I'm still playing news catch up from the last couple of weeks, including a couple of toy shows from both sides of the planet. And oh boy, there's no better time to be an Optimus Prime collector than today thanks to the multiple reveals from both shows. So here's my attempt at wrapping my brain … Continue reading All OPTIMUS PRIME Announcements and Reveals!

The Right Direction: Quick Thoughts on “Bumblebee” (2018)

We have been dealing with the Transformers live action movie franchise for more than a decade now and everyone more or less has the same opinion on it. That's why it's quite surprising that it took that long before we finally got a Transformers movie that understands what the franchise is about. Bumblebee is set … Continue reading The Right Direction: Quick Thoughts on “Bumblebee” (2018)