I Expected This Sooner: One:12 Collective Iron Man Silver Centurion Armor

When Mezco Toys released their One:12 Collective Iron Man armor (Gallery: #2001 / One:12 Collective / “Invincible” Iron Man Model 4), I immediately expected them to release recolors and retools much like any other company doing Iron Man figures. And while they did release a couple of exclusive recolors, they stopped there for some reason, and it isn’t until 5 to 6 years later that we’ll see a retool of this figure.

Yes, because getting a Q1 2024 release is one of the more popular comic book armors, the Silver Centurion. Much like other One:12 Collective releases, this figure will have some creative liberties with the design, but it will pretty much stick to the original.

As it shares a good portion of the engineering of the original figure, it will likely have the same die cast components. The same is also true with the light up Arc Reactor which should function in the same way as the original. As far as retools go, most are found on the torso, arms, and legs. And let’s not forget the entirely new head that’s a straight callback to the comic book Silver Centurion armor. Although I wished they placed more design liberties on the helmet design as the curved and smooth look doesn’t really match the more mechanical panels on the rest of the suit.

This head close up reinforces the point I mentioned earlier, with being very comic-book accurate yet lacking the tech detail for a more cohesive look. Speaking of the head, the set will come with an entirely separate Tony Stark head, instead of the face place being removable like the original.

Here’s everything that comes with the set and a good chunk of them are effect parts, which should give you a lot of display options. It also comes with a display stand that you see in most One:12 Collective releases, as well as replacement hands and the aforementioned Tony Stark head.

Also, is it just me or is the helmet rather large for the rest of the body?

So, there you go. I’m not sure if this is going to be a starting point for a whole slew of new Iron Man figures or they’re just doing another one-off with the Silver Centurion armor. I remember almost not being able to secure the original so I’ll make sure this time to get those pre-orders set.

One:12 Collective 1/12 Iron Man Silver Centurion Armor
Q1 2024 / $125.00



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