Today’s Robits: September 2022, Staycation Edition

Robit” is an online slang used as alternative to the word “robot.”

To reiterate, I don’t usually make haul posts as much as I did before unless there’s some good story or thematic similarity between my recent purchases. For this one, it’s the former and let me start by laying down some context.

Last week, I had a little rant on how both my HG Gundam Lfrith and RG God Gundam pre-orders weren’t able to make it to the first production round stocks over at HobbyLink Japan, which is totally my fault since I was a little late when I placed them. But it’s still frustrating nonetheless so there’s that.

On a totally unrelated note, I’m currently staying at a hotel situated on top of a mall which has a couple of toy stores that often get the first batch of new releases. And I got wind yesterday that they are dropping both the HG Gundam Lfrith and RG God Gundam the day after, which is today. And so, I went down to the toy stores and there I saw two large Gunpla deliveries. Further investigating and looking at the invoice confirms that the delivery thus includes the aforementioned kits, so you probably know what I did next.

Finally, I now have both kits! It was really kind of the store to let me purchase these two straight off the delivery box and neither were even placed on the shelves as of the time of purchase.

I won’t be building Gundam Lfrith even if I already have the kit as I’m planning to dual build it with the HG Gundam Aerial, another kit I have doubts on getting on the first production run, but that’s the plan regardless. As for God Gundam, I’ll just build it as the amazing Real Grade people have talked about recently. I don’t purchase every Real Grade release unlike before and I just get those that really interest me, with my last being the Hi-Nu Gundam. But I’m thinking of first building the HGFC version as I already built the Shining Gundam.

In any case, I’m just relieved to finally get these two.



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