McFarlane Toys Reveals “Avatar” Action Figure Line

With Avatar: The Way of the Water finally coming out in theaters this December, McFarlane Toys has revealed their upcoming Avatar action figure line. Do note that these reveals are mostly from the first Avatar film so as to not spoil anything from the upcoming film. But at least, these will give you an idea of what’s in store for the sequel.

To be honest, I’m not the biggest fan of the first film, but as a mecha enthusiast, I really liked those hulking AMP Suits. So, it’s a treat that McFarlane Toys decided to release a modern take of this machine. McFarlane Toys usually do 7-inch scale figures though I’m inclined to think that these should be around that size, or possibly larger to fit 1/18 or 3.75-inch pilot figures inside the canopy.

Sculpted details are good for a McFarlane Toys release though I do appreciate the application of weathering on various parts of the armor. That said, the other mechanical parts would definitely benefit from additional paint so if you’re the type who customizes their action figures, then this should be a treat. The solicitation also mentions how the figure is designed with “ultra articulation” having up to 22 moving parts for full range of poses.

Opening the cockpit canopy also reveals more internal details and if you have yourselves a blacklight flashlight, then you can shine them on the cockpit panels to reveal illuminated details.

They also revealed a more basic AMP Suit with Colonel Miles Quaritch two-pack but if you just want a good representation of the AMP Suit in plastic, then this guy should suffice.

“Avatar” AMP Suit Mega Figure
October 2022 / $39.99


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