RG GaoGaiGar: Straight Build Preview

I mentioned when I made the post about the HGAC Shenlong Gundam straight build preview video from Bandai Namco Korea that what I’m really waiting is the preview for RG GaoGaiGar. Lo and behold, they just put it up.

Okay, this kit looks really good, both as Galeon with the Gao Machines and as GaoGaiGar. It also looks like they engineered the transformation and combination gimmicks without compromising on either form to create what appears to be a very stable kit. Which basically means I don’t have to get two copies of this thing.

Anyway, I won’t bore you with this blurb and point you to the video above.

RG GaoGaiGar
September 17, 2022 / ¥6,000
Order via HobbyLink Japan


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