Can’t Wait for the High Grade? Metal Robot Spirits ⟨Side MS⟩ Gundam Deathscythe Hell

While unrelated to the ongoing Shizuoka Hobby Show, Tamashii Nations did made a number of announcements yesterday, which mainly involved future Metal Robot Spirits figures, a line I didn’t expect them to be quite aggressive with. Following Wing Gundam Zero and Gundam Epyon, the next figure would be Gundam Deathscythe Hell, which is a completely expected choice given how popular it is. And while the HGAC kit is anything but announced, if you can’t wait for it or you’re not a fan of building kits, then this is a very viable option.

For the longest time, Bandai Spirits has been milking the Endless Waltz versions of these mobile suits, so it is quite refreshing that the TV versions are getting more love nowadays. And yes, this isn’t some stylized redesign of the Deathscythe Hell. It does have more panel lines, marking decals, and a two-tone paint application similar to Wing Zero. It also has the advantage of having those ornamented details already painted, something you’ll likely need to do yourself with the model kit, especially with those white patterns on the head.

As this is a Metal Robot Spirits figure, a good amount of diecast is used on the joints for better stability, especially with those large active cloak panels. For accessories, it comes with two sets of beam scythe and effect parts. One is a standard version which includes a straight handle to go along the standard proportioned beam emitter effect parts. The other is for more dynamic displays which includes a slightly bent handle to go along a slightly extended beam emitter and larger beam effect parts. Lastly, it comes with a black display stand that’s pretty much standard for Metal Robot Spirits figures.

Personally, I’m not getting this figure despite looking this good. Do note that these figures are non-scale and larger than your standard 1/144 scale High Grade kits. But again, if you’ve started collecting these Gundam Wing figures, then this is a fantastic addition to your collection. Oh, and it’s a Premium Bandai exclusive so you know the drill.

Metal Robot Spirits ⟨Side MS⟩ Gundam Deathscythe Hell
October 2022 / ¥16,500


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