This is Not Kreo Folks! Lego Creator Expert Optimus Prime (10302)

Remember Kreo, Hasbro’s attempt at the construction brick market that featured sets from their properties? They attempted to use their more popular properties, mostly Transformers, to gain traction to the brand but eventually failed. Years passed and instead of creating a competitive product, Hasbro and The Lego Group decided to collaborate and create what’s possibly the best representation of Optimus Prime in construction brick form.

Presenting Optimus Prime (10302), part of their higher end Creator Expert line. It is fully articulated (19 points!) and fully transforming Optimus Prime set inspired by his appearance in the original G1 series. This set is going to be massive once completed, standing at 35cm or 13.5 inches in robot mode and 27cm or 10.5 inches long in vehicle mode. And yes, did I forget to mention that it actually transforms and not just taking it apart and building it again?

Granted, G1 Optimus Prime’s transformation isn’t the most complicated, but the fact that a construction brick set can transform without taking things apart is quite amazing.

The set will also come with all the weapons and accessories that’s associated with Optimus Prime. These include his signature Iron Blaster, Energy Axe, an Energon Cube, a replacement front waist armor piece with lights off, and of course, the Matrix of Leadership that you can place inside his chest cavity. It will also include a small display plaque with his stats, as well as a removable jet booster pack, similar to MP-10 Optimus Prime.

The set is aimed at adult collectors, hence being part of the Creator Expert line. But younger Optimus Prime fans can still get and build this set, going through all 1,508 pieces to build the Autobot leader.

As someone who started the hobby through building lots of Lego robots as a child, it’s somewhat fulfilling to come full circle and build a set for Optimus Prime, especially one targeted for adults. I just hope it won’t be a problem to get one from our local Lego Certified store.

Lego Creator Expert Optimus Prime (10302)
June 1, 2022 / $169.99


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