Glad I Backed It Up! HasLab “Transformers: Victory” Victory Saber First Look

HasLab’s Transformers: Victory Victory Saber is probably one of the most anticipated Transformers figures by collectors in 2022. And while I’ve forgotten when it’s supposed to be released, the good folks at Hasbro made sure we never forget this guy as they released the first engineering pilot (or EP1) for this set.

This is how the figure will appear straight out of the molds and none of these will be final. From the paint applications to the plastic hues and part tolerances. But it does provide a great idea of how the set transforms, from Brain of Courage as the smallest component, to Victory Saber as its ultimate form. These also include all of the included accessories that were initially stretch goals during the campaign.

I’ll just point you guys to the video below to check out what Hasbro has in store for those who backed this set, myself included.

Transformers Victory Saber (Transformers: Victory)
Late 2022 / $179.99


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