This Took 15 Years: RIOBOT “Henkei Gattai” Gurren Lagann

It’s been 15 years since Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann made its television debut, and I am surprised it took that long for someone to make a functionally combining Gurren Lagann figure. I mean it’s only the head combining with the rest of the body, but I guess there are reasons. Anyway, Sen-Ti-Nel is making a third crack at a Gurren Lagann figure following the original RIOBOT release, and the PLAIOBOT plastic model version. This time, we are getting the RIOBOT “Henkei Gattai” Gurren Lagann.

For starters, it looks more accurate to its anime counterpart, compared to the stylized take of the RIOBOT / PLAIOBOT versions. It’s also much larger, standing at 210mm, compared to the 150mm height of the PLAIOBOT model kit to accommodate the combination and few transformation gimmicks. The set also comes with Gurren Lagann’s signature accessories — including the Gurren Wing, Gurren Boomerangs (one as the shades of Gurren), and drill parts.

In addition, a set of ‘Full Drillize’ effect parts made from translucent plastic is also included and is meant to be attached to various hardpoints on the body.

But arguably, you’re buying this set for the whole combination and separation of Gurren and Lagann. As Lagann forms just the head, you can imagine this to be a small guy. And rightfully so as the figure stands at just 23mm. But don’t let the size take you aback as this guy is fully detailed, functional, and poseable. It also comes with an even smaller Simon pilot figure with basic paint detail.

As with Gurren, as it forms basically everything except the head, it has all the articulation of Gurren Lagann itself. Though a neat thing they’re doing is to include all the subtle transformations that happen during the combination. These include extensions of limbs and armor panels, reveal of hardpoints through flipping parts, and others. It also comes with a similarly scaled Kamina figure in that signature and very iconic pose.

If you are a Gurren Lagann collector, then this set is a no brainer as it’s probably the most accurate depiction of this machine. That said, if you already have either the RIOBOT or PLAIOBOT versions, then you are free to hem and haw as this one is more anime-accurate and has the aforementioned transformation gimmick. If you don’t have any of the previous ones and you’re planning to get one (because it’s the 15th anniversary?) then this set is an excellent choice.

RIOBOT “Henkei Gattai” Gurren Lagann
December 2022 / ¥32,000
Order via HobbyLink Japan


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