Three Years In Pause! Work-in-Progress #3: HGUC Narrative Gundam A-Packs

Searching through my blog archives, I started the HGUC Narrative Gundam A-Packs in January 2019, making this build running for three years now. I am definitely not planning to make it any longer.

So why did I take an indefinite break from this build? For starters, I did get to finish the Narrative Gundam itself, but I really struggled to keep the momentum in building the A-Packs, especially upon looking at the rear vents that needed yellow paints. The funny thing is, I did paint those parts those years ago, so technically I should’ve just chugged along with the rest of the build. Huge mobile armors and weapons platforms aren’t really my thing, so I just returned the runners into the box and kept it in storage.

But not today though as I am intending to finish this kit as you can see. I have finished the large leg armors of the A-Packs unit and the missile pod units. The only things left to build are those large fuel tanks and the Psycho-Capture claws. I’m targeting to complete this thing within the week so here’s to keeping that build momentum.


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