Tamashii Nation 2021 Online: S.H.Figuarts “Tech-On Avengers” #t_n2021

One of the upcoming releases I’m looking forward to in 2022 are the S.H.Figuarts from Marvel’s Tech-On Avengers mini-series. Tamashii Nations drew a little flak after the initial announcement months back, saying that this is a rip-off of the same concept Sen-Ti-Nel did with its Fighting Armor line.

But after getting a better look at the rest of the figures in this collaboration, we can say that Tamashii Nations did a better ‘implementation’ of this concept. Most of the Fighting Armor figures are the same mold with just slight retools and, of course, different paints to match the characters. Tamashii Nations went the extra mile and made totally different suits for each of the characters and made them more personalized.

We already saw Iron Man, Captain America, and Wolverine in previous marketing material. So, during the online event, Tamashii Nations made more reveals of the other characters getting Iron Man-esque armors.

First, we have Spider-Man whose armor looks something like Ben Reilly’s suits from The Sensational Spider-Man with the large spider emblem on the red section while the rest are in blue. It looks a little slender based on this image but that might just be how the photo was taken. I do appreciate how they didn’t just go with yet another Iron Spider-inspired design like other companies do.

Then we have Black Panther’s armor which is a take on his signature black suit with gold highlights. I really like the face plate details used on this suit, and the others as well. It doesn’t look like just a blank piece slapped on like how some of Sen-Ti-Nel’s Fighting Armor suits look, especially those of Captain America and Wolverine. Going at the back, you’ll also notice small binder-like panels, probably used for flight or something. Regardless, these two figures look great.

But what I really liked among the figures they showed is the armor for Captain Marvel. From the segmented torso to that gorgeous helmet piece. Oh, and did I forget to mention that helmet piece because it really looks good! Those sort of flaps at the base give it more personality and sets it apart from the others. I would like to display this together with the S.H.Figuarts Rescue from Avengers: Endgame for some girl power photography.

A key concept in the Tech-On Avengers story is how each armor as its own DH-10 power up, giving them additional weaponry and gear based on their individual powers. While none have been revealed for these armors, I am expecting that each will include DH-10 parts as this is a gimmick Tamashii Nations has been keen on highlighting. To know more about these figures, and Tech-On Avengers in general, you can watch the panel from Tamashii Nation 2021 Online as seen below.


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