More Box Art Extravaganza: October 2021 (i.e., Because I Posted Too Early)

I believe this is the third box art-related post I’m doing for this month, primarily because I posted too early, while the second one is technically unofficial. Anyway, this would cover mostly non-Gunpla stuff so here we go.

I’m taking a look at these MODEROID Mado King Granzort kits from Good Smile Company first since we don’t often see clean packaging art of non-Bandai Spirits kits prior to their release. Unlike the trio of Gaiking: Legend of Daiku-Maryu kits earlier this year, these three don’t form a continuous illustration when put together, but they still look great nonetheless with the emphasis on their element-based powers. They also announced that kits of their upgraded forms are also in development so there’s more incentive to get these ones.

October 2021 / ¥4,200
Order via HobbyLink Japan

October 2021 / ¥4,200
Order via HobbyLink Japan

October 2021 / ¥4,200
Order via HobbyLink Japan

Next up are the new kits form the 2nd cour of 86 -Eighty Six- which has already started. Unlike their other HG packages which tend to have seemingly random lower-third/name bar designs, these kits are simple, and even borderline minimalist with the use of angle brackets. I just don’t like how the head of our main protagonist is just there beside the name. Now I know severed heads are a thing in this series, but this one just looks creepy. Anyway, the first production run of this kits would include a special book featuring a cover from the light novel illustrator Shirabii.

By the way, they also showed the workhorse Feldreß for the Federal Republic of Giad in episode 2, the Vanagandr. I doubt we’ll get a kit of this one but we can still hope.

HG 1/48 Reginleif
October 16, 2021 / ¥3,400
Order via HobbyLink Japan

It’s been a while since I last paid attention to new 30 Minutes Missions releases with the last one I looked into being the Rabiot, I guess these new designs aren’t that appealing to me. Which isn’t the case for the Espossito β, a transformable Examac which kind of reminds me of the Gundam AGE-2 and the way it transforms. I also like the streamlined design and how it contrasts with the bulky Rabiot.

30MM 1/144 Espossito β
October 16, 2021 / ¥1,280
Order via HobbyLink Japan

And of course, we still have Gunpla coverage, with what’s currently the last release in the High Grade IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS line as far as I know. Here’s the Gundam Gremory in this gorgeous packaging illustration. It appears in the side story Mobile Suit Gundam IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS Gekko though much like of the new IBO kit reissues, it gets the English logo printed on the box. Note that this kit uses the same Gundam frame as the first kits in the line back in 2015 so mileage may vary on the fitting and joint tolerances. That said, this thing looks serious business, especially with that half-axe, scythe-looking weapon.

HG 1/144 Gundam Gremory
October 16, 2021 / ¥1,800
Order via HobbyLink Japan

So yeah, third batch of boxes this month. I don’t think there’d be more coming but given the number of mecha series dropping this month, I won’t be surprised if we get more solicitations and merch.


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