Didn’t Notice This One: Hydra Stomper as Winter Soldier Analogue?

Marvel Studios’ What If…? has completed its first season last week, and that last episode was a definite ride. It ended on a post-credits scene that sees Captain Carter reunited, well sort of, with Steve as she finds out what Hydra is smuggling: the Hydra Stomper. But, thanks to the sleuths over at New Rockstars on YouTube, this ain’t the same Hydra Stomper we saw in the 40s.

Having received my copy of the Marvel Legends Hydra Stomper this weekend, I had a much better appreciation of this particular tease. Cranking up the exposure in this screencap reveals how different this Hydra Stomper is from its 1940s counterpart as seen below.

We get much sleeker chest armor pieces with sculpted line detail from the back side. The shoulder armors are also sleeker and much rounded. On the back are two red protruding objects, possibly thrusters or even rockets. Then on the left thigh piece we see numbered markings in red.

Now I won’t spoil the connotations of these details and I suggest watching the New Rockstars video I’ve included below. But I’m inclined to believe we might get a new Marvel Legends Hydra Stomper figure based on this design. Let’s not forget the Sakaarian Iron Man is also returning in season two so it looks like we have more Iron Man derivatives whenever the next season drops.


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