Fully Funded and Unlocked: HasLab “Transformers: Victory” Victory Saber

This is how I want my photos of this set would look once I have them as CATALOGUE Entries.

Earlier this week, the HasLab Transformers: Victory Victory Saber crowdfunding campaign ended with 27,300 backers, more than double its 11,000 target. This also meant all stretch goals have been unlocked as well. These include Victory Saber’s V-Lock Cannon at 14,000 backers, the Autobot clear blue display stand at 17,000 backers, and the V-Shield along with Micromasters Holi and Fire at 20,000 backers.

With the highly successful crowdfunding campaign now closed, Hasbro has revealed full color prototype shots of everything included in the set. I personally think this is one of the most worth it sets Hasbro has released so far and I’m really glad to have secured a copy, especially after seeing these colored prototype shots.

I still think this mode looks dumb, but at least it’s faithful to the very 80s transformation.
Then there’s the much-much longer lower legs of Victory Saber. But then again, that’s a staple in super robot proportions.
If not for the V-Shield, this base mode just looks like Star Saber doing the full splits.

If these colored prototype shots aren’t enough to build excitement, then you can check out the 360° spins Hasbro also provided via the video below.

Transformers Victory Saber (Transformers: Victory)
Winter 2022 / $179.99


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