Whatever Happened to Windom? S.H.Figuarts King Joe STORAGE Custom

2020’s Ultraman Z has been one of the more popular entries in the Ultraman franchise. It’s combination of an overall optimistic outlook, very quirky characters, and charming machinery makes this show truly fun to watch. Speaking of charming machinery, we can’t forget Sevenger, which acted as the series mascot and even is as popular as the titular Ultra hero himself. It’s popularity resulted in several figures, including an S.H.Figuarts release. Now Sevenger is one of three “Special Airborne Armors” used by STORAGE, the monster-fighting taskforce in the show. And based on the next one getting the S.H.Figuarts treatment, we probably know who’s the least popular among the three.

Following Sevenger is King Joe STORAGE Custom which, if we’ll look by its model number, is the third robot they have in the hangar, with the second one (and the least popular) being Windom. Fans of the franchise should be very familiar with King Joe as it’s one of the classic villains, first appearing in Ultraseven. In Ultraman Z, this King Joe was stolen, eventually defeated, reversed engineered, and repurposed as a piloted robot (i.e. mecha) to help in the fight against giant monsters.

As expected from an S.H.Figuarts, this figure captures the look and details of this machine, especially the torso part where clear parts are used to show its inner clockwork. The design is mostly black and while with bits of gold, red, and blue done with either paint or clear parts.

Taking a closer look, you could see the sculpted detail that beings out a the mechanical look of the STORAGE Custom. You can also notice possible points of articulation, notably in the legs and torso. As for the head, it looks to be a non-articulated piece attached to the top of the torso. I guess this is fine since I don’t remember seeing this guy making head movement, which does match the possible articulation of the original King Joe design.

For weapons, it’s two main ones are both mounted on the arms. On its left is the Pedanium Hammer which is a claw mounted on a telescopic arm, similar to how one of Gundam Shenlong’s arms from Gundam Wing work. Then on the right is the 26-caliber 750mm Pedanium Cannon which is basically a massive particle weapon as the right arm. The listing doesn’t say if it will include effect parts.

I’ve yet to get my hands on the S.H.Figuarts Sevenger and this King Joe STORAGE Custom figure gives me more reasons to get one. They do look great together as seen here. It also makes me wonder if they’ll ever get to do Windom despite its not-so-popular status. But we’ll see, maybe the folks over at Tamashii Nations do want to see all three Special Airborne Armors complete too.

S.H.Figuarts King Joe STORAGE Custom
March 2022 / ¥7,800


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