No Mazingers Here! Soul of Chogokin GX-100 Project

When it first started 1997, no one knew that the Soul of Chogokin line would be the definitive high-end collector mecha brand. It also led to the eventual creation of Tamashii Nations, or Bandai Spirits’ collector-oriented division. It took them a while, like 24 years, and multiple renewals plus reissues, but they’re finally reaching a significant milestone — GX-100. And to celebrate this, Tamashii Nations has revealed a countdown of releases leading to GX-100. And while I’m not really a collector of the brand, I’m more of a Super Robot Chogokin guy (please bring it back!), let’s take a quick look at these five sets, none of which are repaints, and more importantly, no Mazingers.

GX-96 Getter Robo Go

With the new Getter Robo Arc series on the horizon, we are getting quite a few Getter releases before GX-100. First of which is GX-96 Getter Robo Go from the series of the same name and was broadcasted in 1991, 16 years after the orignal Getter Robo (1974) and Getter Robo G (1975). It also features the first “Getter Change” that didn’t rely on anime magic and could actually be produced physically. Thus, we have the GX-96 set which can combine to form either Getter Go, Getter Sho, and Getter Gai.

Soul of Chogokin GX-96 Getter Robo Go
September 2021 / ¥23,000
Order from HobbyLink Japan

GX-97 Daileon

The Metal Heroes series isn’t exactly my wheelhouse compared to let’s say Super Sentai or Kamen Rider. But I do appreciate good-looking robots regardless of its source. This one is Daileon, the robot used by Jaspion in Space Fighter Jaspion. He kinda looks like that one guy from VR Troopers but he’s not. Anyway, Daileon is retro, blocky, and chunky. But most importantly, he’s in gorgeous ‘Bandai silver’ and can transform into some sort of space battleship mode. Daileon is probably one of the more obscure releases of these five but if you dig it, then feel free to hit the pre-order button.

Soul of Chogokin GX-97 Daileon
October 2021 / ¥17,000

GX-98 Getter D2

The next two releases are both appearing in the upcoming Getter Robo Arc series this July. First is GX-98 Getter D2. Now if you think the name and its whole appearance is familiar, then you’re correct. Getter D2 is basically the mass produced version of Getter Dragon, which was released earlier in the line as GX-18 and GX-51 for the Getter Robo Armageddon version. As this is a mass produced version, all transformation and combination features are taken out, which is also reflected in the Soul of Chogokin figure. I actually like the design and would hope to get an HG kit just like Getter Arc.

Soul of Chogokin GX-98 Getter D2
December 2021 / ¥14,000

GX-99 Getter Arc

Speaking of Getter Robo Arc, we are of course getting the titular machine GX-99 Getter Arc and all of those spiky bits. In the grand Getter Robo tradition, this one is the balanced form among the three. Unlike GX-97 Getter Robo Go though, this combination is done with anime magic and thus, this figure won’t have any transformation or combination features. But the set will come with the individual Getter machines: Arc, Kirik, and Khan.

Soul of Chogokin GX-99 Getter Arc
November 2021 / ¥17,000

GX-100 Gaiking & Daiku-Maryu

The GX-100 Project culminates with, thankfully, not a figure based on Mazinger Z. It is the GX-100 Gaiking & Daiku-Maryu set. Now Gaiking has been getting some love recently, earlier in the year saw Good Smile Company’s MODEROID Gaiking The Great which is based on a modern take. Tamashii Nations does the exact opposite and goes to the classic with this release. This isn’t the first Gaiking figure in the line though as they did GX-05 Gaiking way back in 2001.

But Tamashii Nations ain’t going the quick retool route, especially for a milestone release like GX-100. They are releasing an entirely new Gaiking figure which can separate into parts 1, 2, and 3, then combine to form Gaiking. It will stand at 175 mm and is very much articulated.

But what’s probably the main highlight of this release is the massive Daiku-Maryu set. It is massive, with a head-to-tail length spanning 750 mm and can basically house all components of Gaiking, as well as the three auxiliary machines included. It can also transform into a base mode where you can display all those machines, and Daiku-Maryu itself all at once, looking intimidating as heck. Personally, they couldn’t have chosen a better mecha to release than this guy.

Soul of Chogokin GX-100 Gaiking & Daiku-Maryu
December 2021 / ¥75,000

There you go, five Soul of Chogokin releases in the next six months. If you’re a completionist, then prepare to shell out some significant cash as these ain’t cheap. But then again, if you’re already deep in this rabbit hole, then getting these shouldn’t be much of a question.


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