Box Art Extravaganza (and More): HG Cybaster

Been checking Bandai Hobby Site for a couple of days now to see if they’ve released packaging images for the upcoming HG Cybaster kit. I am curious as this will be their first Super Robot Wars OG kit and because I’m a stickler for packaging art.

Cybaster itself looks amazing, as you’d expect from being illustrated by mecha animation director extraordinaire Masami Obari. What I don’t like, and this has been the case for their non-Gunpla HG kits, is the ‘lower thirds’ design. The term ‘lower thirds’ is often used in video production and pertains to the graphic seen at the bottom of the screen where names and other information are usually seen. With the HG Cybaster, as well as the other non-Gunpla High Grades, these often look like random shapes which also act as borders.

As a very visually-inclined person, I often find these designs to be haphazardly created and lacks the elegance found in Gunpla High Grade boxes. Personally, they should’ve went the same route as the Pacific Rim: Uprising HG kits which were a variation of the HGUC packaging.

Anyway, that’s enough unsolicited packaging design rants and let’s check the actual kit itself.

I’m no Super Robot Wars OG expert, but I think Cybaster kind of has this metallic finish similar to those of medieval knights, well it is a fantasy-based machine. For this kit, they went with a subtle metallic light blue finish and I guess some swirling? I thought they’d go with a more pearl-like finish but I think this is better for someone like me who prefers to just do a flat topcoat if the plastic is already color accurate.

Straight out the box, the kit looks great, though you will need to do some detail work on those vent parts and possibly fill up those hollow claws on the feet. I don’t really do the same for Gunpla but hose are small spaces, these ones are quite large and very visible. But the question everyone’s wondering is of course, the color-correcting seals or stickers.

The notables parts that have stickers include the red spikes at the back, the black triangles on the ‘wing binders’, the yellow rear thrusters. the eye-like collar armor design, and quite the number of metallic green ones for the Dis Cutter (i.e., sword) and the two High Familiar units. The kit does have clear green bits as well so you don’t have to paint every metallic green detail but that’s something to take note of.

So yeah, the kit looks okay and I’m looking forward to more Super Robot Wars OG kits from Bandai Spirits. Can’t wait to see how they’ll do the Huckebein, as that one definitely needs a modern version.

HG Cybaster
June 12, 2021 / ¥4,000
Get yours from HobbyLink Japan


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