Total Eclipse of the Gunpla? MG Eclipse Gundam

I just remembered, didn’t we just have a lunar eclipse the day before this reveal? Actual movements of celestial bodies aside, along the announcement of Mobile Suit Gundam SEED ECLIPSE is of course a model kit of the new titular Gundam. This is probably the reason why Bandai Spirits had nothing new to announce during Shizouka Hobby Show a couple of weeks ago.

As mentioned in my post on GUNDAM SEED PROJECT ignited, the Eclipse Gundam design kind of reminds me of both the Freedom Gundam and the Xi Gundam. After seeing these CG renders, the semblance on the latter really shows with those large front and back shoulder armors. The chest vents and front waist armor also reminds me of the Testament Gundam. I really like the design and am hoping of getting a High Grade kit, or even something from The Robot Spirits line.

Looking at its mobile armor / flight form, the transformation scheme is quite simple. Basically the legs rotate inwards then both feet connect. The torso sort of bends forward but with the top section remaining parallel to the legs, allowing the head to slide down and rotate to be hidden. Finally. the arms do some folds while the side waist armor / rifles rotate toward the back. It may not be the most ingenious transformation scheme, but it’s a lot better than your standard ‘gundam lying on its chest while the waist rotates and the legs bend forward’ kind of deal.

The Eclipse Gundam has weapons that are mostly built on to the mobile suit itself. It has two beam rifles that are stored on the side waist armors, contrary to my initial impression that these are Freedom Gundam-like railguns. What’s more, the beam sabers are then stored on the beam rifles, with the latter acting like a scabbard. It’s a neat arrangement and makes allows easier access. Lastly, the shield is built on the forearms. Now you may have noticed that the Eclipse Gundam uses a beam shield. We also know that beam shields were first introduced in the Cosmic Era at C.E. 73 during the latter portion of Gundam SEED DESTINY. The explain this as part of the development of beam shield technology circa C.E. 72.

Lastly, they show how the MG Eclipse Gundam is basically compatible with every weapon pack made for Gundam SEED mobile suits. Whether they may be Striker Packs or Silhouettes or Wizard Packs. Another mobile suit that have the same weapons pack compatibility is the Gundam Astray Out Frame D from Gundam SEED DESTINY ASTRAY.

That’s the MG Eclipse Gundam, a great representation of this design and a must have if you collect the SEED Master Grades. I doubt they’ll do an HG version of this kit at the moment, but we can always look forward whenever they announce the new kits appearing in the 2022 Gundam SEED movie.

MG 1/100 Eclipse Gundam
August 2021 / ¥5,000


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