Box Art Extravaganza: May 2021, MODEROID Appreciation

I do acknowledge how I include, for the most part, in these ‘box art extravaganza’ posts only kits being released by Bandai Spirits. Well because they do regularly put out packaging art a couple of weeks ahead of release. But this time, I was able to find packaging art for upcoming kits from Good Smile Company’s MODEROID line, a definitely welcomed change of pace.

First up is MODEROID Dangaioh which I believe the illustration was done by prolific animation director and designer Masami Obari thanks to the exaggerated neutral stance. It is very similar to the previously released MODEROID Super Pipimi Bari Mode and I really hope that going forward, all super robots they’ll do would have the same style. I believe this trend was started by this particular release:

If you bought the MODEROID Gaiking the Great set, or these three kits individually, then you would’ve noticed how they align together to form a single illustration. Granted the robots shown here are CG renders than actual illustrations, this particular style really shows the powerful machines you’re going to build upon opening those boxes.

May 2021 / ¥7,500
Pre-order on HobbyLink Japan

On the completely opposite end of the spectrum are the new MODEROID kits from the YouTube Originals anime OBSOLETE. First is actually a collaboration with Armored Trooper Votoms for a custom Scopedog-looking variant of the EXOFRAME, the MODEROID RSC Armored Trooper EXOFRAME. There’s probably some fiction in an upcoming hobby magazine that explains this design but if Good Smile Company is going to collaborate for their OBSOLETE kits, then Votoms is the perfect candidate. Both are very real robot series with very grounded combat styles using relatively smaller machines.

MODEROID 1/35 RSC Armored Trooper
May 2021 / ¥2,900
Order on HobbyLink Japan

So it’s either the RSC Armored Trooper is a recolor of this guy or it’s the other way around. This is the MODEROID SSEEX “Cerberus” and it’s just cool how different organizations have different armor units placed on the common EXOFRAME to provide them very customized military applications. I’ve yet to get one of these OBSOLETE kits as the older ones are already sold out. But I should try building at least one to check it out.

MODEROID 1/35 SSEEX “Cerberus”
May 2021 / ¥2,300
Order on HobbyLink Japan


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