Another Great ‘Mini’ Figure: Mini Gokin Tetsujin 28 (Shin Tetsujin 28)

While I’ve yet to secure myself a copy of the Mini Action God Sigma set, Action Toys has announced the next figure is their Mini Gokin line which is basically their version of Super Robot Chogokin. Technically this is the fourth release but the first three are part of a set so this is sort of the second stand-alone figure.

Mini Gokin Tetsujin 28 hails from Shin Tetsujin 28, known better in the west as The New Adventures of Gigantor, is a 1980 reimagining of the classic Tetsujin 28 story. And while I think the original Japanese is unrelated to the original incarnation, the western adaptation appears to be a continuation. Anyway, this figure looks fantastic with those bright metallic blues on those old school rounded-cylindrical proportions. It stands at 150 mm, which well within my wheelhouse, and features great range of articulation.

With its more ‘involved’ combat style, Tetsujin 28 doesn’t come with any weapons but it still has three pairs of replacement hands for those different poses. While for features, the wings on the booster units can be deployed.

Despite having no attachment to this show, I really like the Tetsujin 28 designs, regardless of the incarnation. I’ve yet to get a figure of the original and I don’t know if there’s something available for Tetsujin 28-FX. I just hope this guy is easier to get than the Mini Action God Sigma.

Mini Gokin Tetsujin 28 (Shin Tetsujin 28)
November 2021 / ¥6,800
Pre-order on HobbyLink Japan


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